Benefits + DIY Recipe For Soft, Hydrated Curls

First thing’s first: Always apply flaxseed gel on wet hair. That way, it’ll be much easier to work with and render the best results. “It’ll glide through your strands and deliver an ease of application. This will give your curls all over definition,” Brook adds. While you can totally use the gel for precise edging or styling needs, for that all-over moisture you’ll want to use it post-shower. 

And on that same note, don’t run your hands through your hair after you’ve applied the gel. As with all air-drying products, trust that the flaxseed gel is working its magic. “The more you touch your curls, the more likely your hair will frizz,” Alicia Miller, hairstylist and national master trainer for Davines North America, tells us about a stellar air-dry game. Of course, you can use hot tools if you so choose—O’Connor is partial to a diffuser in order to set the curl.

In terms of layering products, be mindful what you pair with flaxseed gel. Using it alone is best, but if you wish to layer, O’Connor recommends only using water-based products to avoid flaking. 

To preserve your style while you sleep, feel free to wrap your hair in a silk or satin headscarf at night. There are tons of benefits to sleeping on silk anyway (outlined here, for your viewing pleasure), one of which is waking up to shiny, frizz-free locks. Especially if you wash your hair at night, “you’ll get the most benefit from your application,” Brook says. 

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