How mindbodygreen’s hemp multi+ Can Help Prevent Stress Spirals

Not to be confused with hemp seed oil, hemp oil is extracted from the stalk of a hemp plant and is rich in beneficial phytocannabinoids. These powerful plant compounds have been shown to promote relaxation in the body and ease feelings of stress and anxiousness in clinical trials.*

While you might associate hemp with marijuana, industrial regulations require hemp extract to contain less than 0.3% THC—meaning it won’t make you feel the same “high” that smoking a joint would. If anything, the experience of taking hemp oil is similar to that of a CBD gummy or tincture, but since hemp oil is a full-spectrum product containing a suite of different phytocannabinoids (whereas CBD only has one), hemp oil can be even more effective at easing stress before it spirals out of control.* mbg’s hemp formula contains other relaxing ingredients like hops, rosemary, and black cumin seed too, and it’s topped off with vitamin D for immune support.*

While no one product can completely rid the body of stress—especially right now—the reviews of hemp multi+ have been overwhelmingly positive. Since quarantine began, those who have tried it claim that it’s helped them feel “more calm and levelheaded,” with one reviewer writing that it helps her keep worries in perspective*: “The things that used to get me worked up and send me into a stress spiral are suddenly a little bit less daunting. I still get stressed—don’t get me wrong—but it doesn’t feel nearly as debilitating.*”

In an age when the vast majority of people are weighed down with fear, frustration, and anxiousness, we hope hemp multi+ is one tool that can provide a bit of relief and release.

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