How To Use Your At-Home Time To Up Your Beauty & Skin Care Game

Itching to try a new skin care product but nervous about adverse reactions? Consider this time at home a low-stakes trial run. You’ll be able to weather the skin-purging storm without having to cover up blemishes for impromptu social gatherings. 

Take a retinol serum, for instance: “Some people may be wary about purging or sun sensitivity when it comes to retinol. So for more sensitive skin types, this could be a great time to give retinol a go,” says makeup artist Joshua Pierce, the education manager at clean beauty retailer Credo

If you tend to play your skin routine a bit safe, take this time at home to test new formulas you’d otherwise steer clear of—be it a retinol or glycolic or salicylic acid.

Although you don’t want to overload the newness. According to board-certified dermatologist Ellen Marmur, M.D., if you’re going to test out new products, it’s best to incorporate them one at a time. “You should ease them into your routine to make sure you don’t have a reaction,” she tells mbg. “Incorporating them one at a time can also help you see if the product claims are working well for your skin.” If you have an arsenal of products to try, you might want to test two or three of them, spaced out over a few days. 

That said, a skin reset is totally doable. Working from home is a great opportunity to experiment with skin care (especially formulas that have a known adjustment phase), but don’t pile on the new products—a less-is-more mentality can help you see whether that serum you snagged yields glowing results or a harsh reaction. 

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