When will Apple break up iTunes for Windows?

iTunes, once described as “the best Windows app ever written” by the ever-modest Steve Jobs, has already been transformed into multiple apps for Apple devices, but when will the company’s focus on media and services drive it to introduce better Windows apps?

Coming soon, hopefully

Apple’s media services focus seems to put the spoken word at the center of the strategy:

  • TV+ delivers video and speaking content.
  • Books also offers audiobooks.
  • Apple Music offers the Beats radio channel.
  • The company is thought to be investing in podcasts.
  • It now provides spoken daily word news briefings and reports in News/News+.

Ever since the iPod, Apple’s services vision has embraced other platforms. Just as iTunes was on Windows, TV is on televisions and streaming sticks and Apple Music is available to Windows and Android users.

Long in the tooth

iTunes remains available for Windows, but no longer seems to qualify for Jobs’ promise of software excellence for the same reason it demanded replacement on the Mac – it has grown to do too much.

Type “Why is iTunes for Windows” in a Google search box and see what the result of being spread so thin might be.

Apple tore iTunes apart on the Mac in 2019, introducing Music, TV and Podcasts app and rolling some of the device management functions into the macOS Finder.

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