Simple Nursery Corner for your Bedroom

When i was pregnant with my youngest son (Ahad) there was so much going on in the world(Covid Pandemic) that it was hard to take it all at once. Pregnancy itself is a stressful thing and to this , Pandemic was an Add-on and in between all this, i din’t get a chance to even think about building a Nursery for my little boy as all my focus was to give birth to a healthy baby during these hard times.

Moreover living in one of the America’s biggest city comes with its own disadvantages and one of many is – Smaller Apartments.We don’t have huge rooms in our apartment so building a spacious nursery was not the option.  I knew i will be putting the baby in my bedroom for atleast first few months so i had to clear a corner in my bedroom to build a nursery for him.

Just In case if you are in the same situation like mine, here’s how you can turn a corner of your master bedroom into a simple cozy Nursery:

The Crib :

When you talk about a nursery, the first thing which comes to your mind is a CRIB. I wanted something which will be in use for atleast couple of years and so i have chosen  The Foundry 6-in-1 Convertible Crib by Simmons Kids which converts into 6 different forms and can be used form crib to toddler twin bed. That means, i can simply use it for years.

Changing Station :

One of the things most of the moms take it for granted is the changing station. With my first pregnancy, i did the same and used my bed to change his diapers & clothes and the result was lower back pain which lasted for an year. So this time, i did not want to repeat the same mistake and hence got this Foundry 4 Drawer Dresser with Changing Top which matches with the Crib.

This dresser features four drawers for plenty of storage space for pretty much everything Diapers, baby clothes, towels, blankets, breastfeeding/formula supplies, wipes, medicine, etc. It’s nice that everything is easily accessible It’s the perfect option for any baby nursery or kids bedroom.

The best part is, the changing top is easily removable when your child no longer needs a changing table and can be used to create a grown-up space later on.

Accessories :

To tie it all together, I got Mattress from Delta Children , Fitted Crib sheet from Target and Pom Pom Crib Skirt from Amazon.

I have added couple of decorative pillows which i got from SHEIN ( Tassel decor pillow cover ; Knot ) You can also add soft toys but make sure you keep it as simple as possible as you don’t want to over fill your crib leaving it less breathable for your baby.

Extras : 

To match with the Grey Rustic Crib and White Mattress, I have added Light weight plush Rug in color white from SHEIN and a Beautiful Canopy from Bed Bath and Beyond

List of products and their prices :


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