Trump backs cruise lines re-registering to qualify for US aid

President Donald Trump said Thursday he likes the idea of major cruise ship companies shifting their corporate registrations to the U.S. as a possible requirement in order to qualify for aid under the federal stimulus bill.

He also voiced support for the notion of the government taking ownership stakes in airlines in exchange for loans to keep them afloat as vital businesses.

“We have to keep our airlines going,” said Trump, whose company once owned an airline. He added, “now maybe we will take a piece of the airlines for our country…where we loan money and take a piece.”

The comments came as industries assess how they fared after the Senate passed the $2 trillion stimulus bill Wednesday night, which now goes to the House. Trump has repeatedly voiced support for airlines and cruise ship companies, saying they are great businesses that deserve to be kept afloat despite being devastated by the business downturn in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

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